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Products distribution

Pure Passion International offers an exclusive niche range of fine and exquisite wines; specially blended coffee and other beverages to tantalize your taste buds. We have since expanded to also offer clients more delectable goodness with seafoods and sauces, and supply their classy tableware and coffee or bar equipment for a complete dining experience.

Our product range can be found in Hong Kong’s Michelin restaurants, top gourmet cafes,  specialized bars and restaurants and premium hotels. Check out our products page for more information!

Dining consultant

Described in the F&B industry as a “gastronomy person who has the skills, knowledge and art to work with food, wines and ingredients”, Company Director Mr Justin Ang has rich experience organizing high profile corporate dinners. Our “gastronome expert” (China Daily– Weekly August 19 -25, 2011 edition page 5 “Some Bright Ideas In Areas of Gloom”) earned his reputation having worked with famous chefs and doing degustation menus (6 to 24 courses meals) for people in the banking & financial arena and private clients.

Choosing Only The Best

Justin has been advising, collaborating and sharing with top chefs around the world, pairing wines to enhance food flavors and bringing flavors from a multi racial Singapore which has rich spice mixes of peranakan, Indian, Malay and Singapore’s brand of Chinese cuisine; both hawker fare and fine dining to the palates of Hong Kong SAR and China. Coming from an engineering background, Justin felt that fine foods had to be “engineered” to deliver the best aromas, flavors and must both consistently smell and taste good each time it is served.