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Why coffee is good for you


Why is coffee is good for you and where should you draw the line? There have long been discussions about the heath benefits of coffee, and skeptics are not convinced. However, in recent years, more studies and scientific research have shown that coffee, when consumed appropriately, can boost your well being in many ways.

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The Right Wine Glass


It is not a myth - choosing the wine glass could mean all the difference in your wine tasting experience.

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Australia’s Wine History


In 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip alighted at Sydney Cove importing Australia’s first grape vines from Brazil and the Cape of Good Hope.

The earliest vines were planted in Sydney and unfortunately due to the heat and humidity of the Farm Cove site the vineyard never flourished.

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Folletts Lake Breeze Winery

lakebreeze vineyard

Mr. Greg Folletts was raised on the family farm (dairy and vineyard), and along with 2 brothers and 2 sisters, is part of the 4th generation of Folletts to work on the family property.

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美研究: 每天至少喝3杯咖啡 抑制肝病惡化

coffee 2

(法新社華盛頓21日電) 今天公布的研究顯示,針對到咖啡館品茗咖啡,美國 研究人員找到另一個好理由:每天喝數杯咖啡,可抑制肝臟疾病惡化。

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